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ogame automizer serial key

This is one of our favorite features of OA, if not one of the most valuable functions of OA. Incomedia Website X5 Professional V1. All retail software uses a serial number or key of some form. Select the speed or leave it at the default 100% then check the box marked permanent task and finally click add to finalize everything. Complete your purchase to save the MP3 version to your music library. ASCII Art Generator 3 2. They banned about 15% of botters. PROBES LOST The probes that were sent got attacked and are lost.

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ogame automizer serial key

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ogame automizer serial key

Default 600-2400 secs avg. This feature allows OA to act more human like and at the same time not overload OGame Servers. I suggest you set Slots Reserved for player to 1-2 and do not Disable Maximization of Fleet Slots Usage. Fleet Saver The Fleet Saver will automatically save your fleet with the max resources it can carry to the nearest planet or moon to moon at X% speed when the time selected in the slider is reached. You may also prioritize the order in which resources are saved. So in this example above, the fleet would be saved 14 minutes before the enemy fleet hit, carrying resources starting with deuterium, then crystal, and finally metal. Generate Construction List OA is able to generate an optimal construction list of 6 constructions for your planets. As the generation is based on points, the constructions list generated by OA is more adapted for a miner strategy player. But both players with different strategies can use this feature, for example, OA is highly efficient for new colony development. Automized Transport By default this option in enabled. For each planet marked as the resources consumer the system calculates the resources needed for at least 3 hours of construction and resources that can be provided by other planets. If the sum of needed resources is available on provider planets then automized transporting is starting. Mark all your planets as Consumer and Provider, that way OA will be highly efficient. However, If another command e. You can specify a policy for each and every planet you have. When this amount of resources is reached then OA will automatically send a mission to transport the resources. Large or Small Cargo. You can specify a bigger number but not a smaller number than what is needed. It can be set to automatically gather resources from some planets and shipped to others in presence of amounts, as soon as the amount is reached it will send the designated amount of ships to either transport or deploy to the selected planet The following options and fields are available : 1 Battle Simulator, Right column for an attacker fleet and the Left column for a defender 1. Select the speed or leave it at the default 100% then check the box marked permanent task and finally click add to finalize everything. Optionally you can just send the mission rather than making it a permanent task if you just want to do 1 expedition to a random system. This is one of our favorite features of OA, if not one of the most valuable functions of OA. The purpose of the Bot function is to Scan the Galaxy in a specific range, identify inactives, assess their defenses and attack their planets based on specific criteria being met, ALL AUTOMATICALLY!!! The planet you choose to start from, must have plenty of espionage probes, enough Small and Large Cargoes and preferably a strong enough fleet to break through any defenses encountered on inactive planets. Usually the ones that break defenses on inactive planets for the first time, are the ones who reap the biggest benefits and the most resources. This is a very important number since it is the threshold sum of the available resources divided by two that have to be available on the planet in order for the OA bot to send an attack. That means that if a planet has 5. So make sure that the number you use in this entry matches exactly what you would like OA Bot to do. If you set this number too high, the bot will send out very few attacks or none at all, and if you set it too low the bot will send out a lot of attacks but with very little benefit. What you should remember is that this number is the amount of resources that you can pillage. In reality a formula for plunder is used One thing to think of when deciding this number is how new or old the universe is. In a new universe a lower number will get much better results, where an older universe it would be better to set this number higher as there are more inactives with bigger mines. Make sure that the number you use is sufficient so that you will get ALL the information from the planet. By default this is set to 30 solar systems left and right of the specified planet. You may increase or decrease the range of the planets you want to scan, Note that If you do increase the range it will increase the time it takes the OA bot to scan and attack so many planets. That of course depends on the number of inactive planets that are included in this range. By default the priority is set to prefer crystal, then deuterium, then metal, as metal is more abundant than crystal and deuterium. Total capacity of 60 small Cargos. It estimates that the total number of cargoes needed are 2 small Cargoes and 3 large Cargoes. Since this number is not bigger than 60 it will go on scanning more systems. However as soon as the estimation of the total capacity needed to carry all the resources on the inactive planets, reaches more than 60, then the bot will start launching attacks. As soon as it has enough materials for 30 cargoes it will start launching attacks. Sending 5, 10, or 15 small cargos is a more human like behaviour. By enabling this option, more CPU usage could be expected if you have many planets with many ships. A good strategy to utilize this function is to spread out several planets across a galaxy, station cargoes at each planet, then increase the range of the scan from the source planet to include the normal ranges of these spread out planets. Doing this will make the OA bot probe the scanning range and launch many attacks simultaneously from each planet. You should use this option when you want to have a fresh scan of the range, and when you are starting that specific range for the first time. Under normal circumstances OA bot requires approximately 40 mins to scan 60 systems. In order to use this feature you need to have already scanned the range of planets at least once. This number is a priority of the attack. The higher this number is, the more the planet fits your requirements for attack. OA Bot, if left unattended will attack planets assigning priority according to this number. More specifically you will see the following possible outcomes. READY TO GO Target planet meets requirements. As soon as other commands have finished executing, an attack will be launched. WAITING FOR FLEET RETURN Fleet has been sent to attack the planet. The attack is in progress. WAITING FOR PROBES RETURN Probes have been sent and their return is expected. PROBES PROBABLY LOST Probe report cannot be found. In most cases this is caused by disconnection or other network problem. PROBES LOST The probes that were sent got attacked and are lost. NEED MORE PROBES Espionage report does not contain defense or enemy fleet. Next time OA Bot will try to send more probes if there are more available. UNABLE TO SEND ATTACKER FLEET OA has detected a problem during fleet sending, possible causes : no more available ships, no more deuterium. May happen just after Fleet Save. TOO STRONG Defense detected. OA Bot simulates an attack on the planets defenses with all the forces available on the attacking planet. If the total losses are less than 0. If the losses are more, then the planet will be declared as TOO STRONG and it will not be attacked. When Bot will be in probing state, it will prioritize for probing inactives with KNOWN MINES and high attack priority. What it does is two things. If you click that bubble, OA Bot will avoid attacking and sending probes to that specific planet. This is stored as a permanent flag for this planet. This saves time and it will help you avoid being detected by GOs. By avoiding certain planets with little or no resource production you can stop OA from probing these planets over and over again, which will also help you avoid detection by GOs, because it is more human-like behaviour to avoid these worthless planets. It contains the fleet that OA Simulator suggests to attack so that you will have 0% or in the worst case scenario up to 0. Note that you can break the defenses with less ships, but you are risking losses. As you can see in the image on the left, OA Bot will send as many ships necessary to guarantee 0% to 0. OA Bot is designed to take very good care of your fleet. The Hunter is a modified version of the farming Bot, designed to locate, gather tactical information, prioritize targets based on profit, then places the target under surveillance to best estimate the right moment to attack. When the targets inactivity suggests to the Hunter that the target is offline, the Hunter will probe the target then wait 18 minutes, if the target still appears to be offline, it will launch an attack. In my experience no more than 60 targets should be placed under surveillance. The left panel shows you the current OA translation for your language TRANSLATED VERSION : you can edit it by correcting the translation, adding not yet translated messages etc. Your translation will be available in next OA update, or not if some weird stuff is detected ; Has anyone complained to you so far, that he has been banned for using OA? There was a big action from GameForge back in 2007. Next one was between September and October 2012, about 5% of botters were banned. Recently there was a big action in banning between October 2013 and February 2014. They banned about 15% of botters. Between actions above there were no big ban movements, at least not for bot-using. There were a very few bans for scripting. So pay attention to that periods of year from September till November and decrease OA usage, seems Gameforge is doing some yearly clean-ups. The long answer and more reliable : while it is possible, it is not probable. Although this is not illegal, it is improbable and you will raise suspicions towards you. So if you use OA responsibly, the chance of detection and ban, is virtually zero. Check your email that has been sent after OA registration, it contains your OA serial, copy and paste it to OA. If failed, report to developer, OA Web Site : Support. OA update failed, OA would not start. What can I do? You will find there OGameAutomizer. Therefore if OA update fails, because of connection problems or problems on the server, just replace OGameAutomizer. More over, it can replace a part of the config file by adding a new exec command if you are attacked A creative commons license that bans commercial use and requires you to release any modified works under this license. You must give credit to the original author of the work, state their name and the title of the original work, say that you modified the work if you did and include the attribution logo found on their website.

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